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Need to get more work done?

Lack of time and resource is often one of the struggles businesses face.

Challenged by a heavy workload and high levels of repetitive, mundane tasks, staff can feel overworked, undervalued, and human error rates start increasing.

Managers have the added responsibilities of reducing business risk whilst being considerate of financial implications.

RPA has many benefits which enable staff to get more work done!

Ether Solutions are a specialist RPA consultancy dedicated to using technology to automate business processes, enabling our clients to see a dramatic increase in productivity and quality of work.

With an extensive knowledge of RPA technology, Ether Solutions provides business added value to organisations in all industries and sectors, by:

 Automating processes

 Increasing efficiency

 Reducing operating costs

 Ensuring security and privacy protection

 Offering a good ROI

Increase Productivity

How to increase productivity is a challenge that can be addressed by implementing Automation. The improvement in productivity is delivered by software robots performing repetitive tasks, allowing people to focus on the more interesting tasks.

RPA will enable your team to work faster,work smarter and ultimately more accurately.

Ether Solutions work closely with your team to explore the best operating techniques for your business, assisting in the implementation of a streamlined RPA system to enhance your operations.

Our FAQ provides answers or call us for a chat - 0845 643 4410 or email your question to

Our 90 Day Automation method enables the "Swivel Chair Evolution" to be achieved with RPA software robots delivering the outcome your business requires.

Ether Solutions has implemented RPA for a wide range of clients, here is a selection of case studies

By working exclusively with UiPath software for the last 5 years, our staff have experience of single robot solutions to complex UiPath architectures with 20 production robots. UiPath licence prices can be confusing chat to us about the options.

RPA, Robotic Process Automation Specialists Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire | Ether Solutions


RPA automates traditional manual tasks the average office worker performs on a computer.

 UiPath Specialists Aylesbury,  Buckinghamshire | Ether Solutions


Market leading RPA software used by SMEs, National businesses and major Corporations

Automation Specialists Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire | Ether Solutions


Delivering consistency and productivity for any business process

"We found Ether Solutions to be a needle in a haystack amongst several vendors! They were immensely helpful and knowledgeable in setting up bots to carry out routine company secretarial and data processing tasks from our practice management software. Highly recommended!"

Shoaib Aslam, MD of We Run Your Practice -

Work Smarter Software Robot  VS Assistant | Ether Solutions


Ever heard a consultant say “Work Smarter not Harder”? Much has been written on Work Smarter, but not so much on “How” to achieve it.

I was asked recently about “Where can RPA be used?”

How Does RPA Work | Ether Solutiions


Essentially some software (called a “Software Robot” or “Bot”) simulates a person working on a computer.

The “Software Robot” can simulate reading information displayed on the screen, can simulate typing on the keyboard and simulate mouse activity e.g. clicks.

Why RPA Is Needed | Ether Solutions


Or perhaps the question is “Why is RPA required?” The answer is rapidly becoming “Our competitors are already using it.

” RPA, Robotic Process Automation, may sound technical, but it is a simple message – You could spend hours each day doing routine work on your computer...