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UiPath Kickstart Project

UIPath Kickstart RPA Project - Getting UiPath Implementation Started

Kickstart your UiPath implementation

Getting started on an automation programme requires a first UiPath project. There are many factors to consider in order to make a success of using UiPath to automate a business process.

As the enthusiasm from selecting UiPath for automation is high, there is an opportunity to Kickstart the initial project to build on the momentum and deliver results.

In order to achieve the “Jumpstart” that some organisations seek, the UiPath Kickstart Project uses Ether Solutions consultants to perform the development activities. The knowledge and experience of the consultants enables automation of business functionality to be delivered in a short time frame, without the learning curve delays encountered from client staff needing to acquire knowledge about the UiPath software.

The different aspects of the 90 Day Automation method can be followed whether the development route includes a “Proof of Concept” for UiPath RPA, a “Prototype” automation with UiPath, or a “Pilot” software robot with UiPath. In each case adopting a UiPath Kickstart Project approach to deliver the development activity ensures a head start to progress the project plans.

For organisations that are able to dedicate client staff to a UiPath Bootcamp in order that technical development skills can be acquired, the use of UiPath Kickstart Project in parallel can be an effective way to progress the overall programme.

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