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RPA ROI Calculator

There are many aspects to consider when performing an ROI (Return on Investment) calculation for an RPA implementation project. This page provides the facility to perform an ROI calculation but it is based on a number of assumptions which may or may not be true for every organisation. Ether Solutions would be pleased to assist in specific ROI calculations but we believe the details below provide a reasonable starting point however we would be delighted to hear of any suggestions for improvements.

To determine the Robotic Process Automation cost, the software, people and infrastructure elements are are considered. For the purposes of the calculator only the manpower effort saved is considered, the other RPA benefits arising from quality and processing speed are not included.

When using the form, use the TAB key or click the mouse outside of a field and the calculation / re-calculation will take place for the input sections. Click the “Calculate” button at the top or bottom to perform a complete calculation.

By hovering the mouse over the blue icons, a description of the field will be displayed.

To start click the “Calculate” button below to use the defaults. Look at the results then change any values for your scenario and click on the “Calculate” button to see the impact of the change.

    Working Environment

    This section is about defining the working environment where the business process activity is performed.

    Notes: It is assumed that all staff work the same amount of days.

    Existing Process

    This section is about defining the current activity to operate the business process that is the candidate for automation.

    Notes: It is assumed that only one process is being automated.

    RPA Project

    This section is about the RPA project activity.

    Notes: It is assumed that this is the first RPA project and only a small number of robots will be used.

    RPA Robot Capacity and Unit Costs

    This section is about the RPA capacity that will be delivered by the implementation.

    Notes: It is assumed that the robots could perform tasks whether or not staff are working.

    As a comparison to investing in RPA, the calculation also shows how much extra effort could be delivered for the same cost.

    Return On Investment

    This section is about the RPA capacity that will be delivered by the implementation.

    Ether Solutions has made a number of assumptions in the above calculation, these include:

    • Staff activity on the process can be fully replace by software robots, although in reality there are likely to be some exceptions to manually process
    • Staff time released by the automation can be effectively used. No benefit created from such time has been included in the calculations
    • The UiPath Licence Subscription has a default of a typical configuration for up to 3 robots with a typical mix of “Attended” and “Un-Attended” usage. The exact costs will depend on the actual number of robots and their usage, this calculation is for guidance only
    • The UiPath Automation Cloud is being used as the basis of the activity as this provides the minimum setup time and enables effort to focus on robot builds. 

    If you have any comments on the calculations, questions, or if you discover any errors, please contact us in order that we can provide assistance. 

    Ether Solutions is a technology focused consultancy that provides services for RPA - Robotic Process Automation, this includes using Artificial Intelligence (AI) where appropriate to enhance the capability of solutions in areas such as Document Understanding and Email analysis. The technology solutions provide practical ways to improve Productivity.

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