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Kofax Transformation Modules

Ether Solutions uses Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) to provide a Rules based recognition facility when processing scanned images and extracting information.

Without using document templates, Kofax KTM provides an effective solution to the recognition data with documents that have a variety of presentations. When you are not able to control the layout of documents to be processed, Kofax KTM delivers the solution.

Do More with Less

Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) is a suite of add-on applications for Kofax Capture that streamline the transformation of documents into structured electronic information ready for delivery into business processes. By replacing manual, error-prone and expensive document sorting and data entry processes with automatic classification, separation and data extraction, Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) allows you to:

  • Increase processing speed — Leverage high speed computer systems to process documents in just a few seconds, reducing delays and helping you meet service level targets.
  • Reduce operating costs — Drastically reduce the manual labour required to process high volumes of documents and reduce the number of costly downstream processing exceptions.
  • Increase visibility of documents and data — Store documents electronically along with comprehensive index information that allows you to search and retrieve them efficiently. For your business this means faster customer service, greater profitability and reduced risk of compliance failure

Unmatched Power for Automating Document Driven Processes Across the Enterprise

Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) features intelligent document recognition technologies that can classify, separate and extract any document, regardless of type, content or format, so customers can leverage a single solution for all documents and business processes across the enterprise, including:

  • Invoice processing — Extract and validate header, amount and line item data from supplier invoices to cut manual data entry costs and reduce processing exceptions.
  • Digital mailrooms — Classify all incoming mail as it enters the organization so it can be routed via workflow to departments and individuals, eliminating manual document sorting.
  • Forms processing — Classify multiple form types and revisions and extract handprint and barcode data from them to eliminate document sorting and reduce manual data entry.

When documents are following between organisations, the layout of similar documents will be different. This means that a “Template” solution to document recognition and data extraction cannot be effective. In such scenarios Kofax KTM is able to deliver quality results.

Ether Solutions has implemented Kofax KTM solutions for SME businesses and FTSE companies. Please contact us to discuss how Kofax KTM could work for your business.

Ether Solutions is a technology focused consultancy that provides services for RPA - Robotic Process Automation, this includes using Artificial Intelligence (AI) where appropriate to enhance the capability of solutions in areas such as Document Understanding and Email analysis. The technology solutions provide practical ways to improve Productivity.

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