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UiPath Prices - Licences

The approach to UiPath Prices is essentially based on the a payment of a fraction of the value that the software functionality can deliver.

The UiPath product range has grown a lot in recent years, although the core remains the software robot.

Licences are subscription based normally for 12 months but longer periods can be agreed. UiPath Prices are set on payment for the full period in advance.

UiPath will deal directly with Licences for large global companies plus national Governments,  for all other organisations UiPath uses “Regional Distributors” with “Local Resellers”. This structure is designed to reflect the size of purchases being made as well as providing a cost effective service. UiPath sets the price for its licences.

Ether Solutions is an Authorised Reseller of UiPath licences.

Ether Solutions provides complete solutions of UiPath Licences and Implementation Services, but can equally provide just UiPath Licences where organisations perform their own implementation, or just Implementation services where businesses have already purchased UiPath Licences. 


There are three types of environment considered in the UiPath Price model. They are:

  • Development
  • Production
  • Non-production (used for testing, systems testing, user acceptance testing, training)

The UiPath Prices for licences being used in Non-Production environments are considerable cheaper than licences used in Production.


The provision of Community Edition licences has been a key factor in the success of UiPath. These licences are free to use but only available for use by small organisations and individuals. The number of development Studio licences and production software robot licences is strictly limited. In return for the licences being free to use, UiPath releases new versions of its software to these Community Edition users, in order that “Real World” usage testing is achieved before the functionality is made available to paid licence users.


UiPath provides Enterprise Trail Licences for businesses in order that they can undertake evaluations of the UiPath software. These licences are only available for a fixed duration. These licences are provided for free. There is an initial allocation of multiple development and multiple robot licences, this is expected to provide sufficient capability for an evaluation of the UiPath technology to be complete however additional licences are required for a particular scenario please contact us for the arrangement required. 


In most businesses effective governance policies requires that users do not share computer logons or use “Generic” logons. The Named User licence reflects this approach. This means that Named User licences cannot be assigned on a “day to day” basis but where somebody changes job role or leaves the organisation, the licence can be re-assigned to the appropriate individual.


UiPath no longer provides concurrent user based licences.


UiPath Prices for some functionality using Usage Licences. This is the case for its “Document Understanding” and other AI model functionality. The usage is measured in terms of the number of calls made by the software robots to the API routines that deliver the capability. There are thresholds in terms of the total number of calls and the rate of calls per hour.


The following table lists the product licences that are available on the UiPath Price List. r the capability. There are thresholds in terms of the total number of calls and the rate of calls per hour.

StudioUiPath’s complete automation designer featuring hundreds of pre-built “Activities” to create automations.
StudioXProvides an easy to use, no code designer for rapid automation creation by Citizen Developers.
StudioProExtends the Studio range of capabilities to enable mobile development and test automation features.
Software RobotThere are two forms of Robot. The “Attended” form, where the robot executes alongside a user in the same User session. This provides the capability for direct interaction with the user during their daily work. The “UnAttended” form, is where the software robot executes in its own session without any user interaction, typically processing work from an Orchestrator queue or being assigned activity through an Orchestrator schedule.
OrchestratorProvides the core infrastructure to manage the deployment of automation work to UnAttended software robots through the use of scheduling and queues. This is facilitated by the management of credentials, asset values and execution parameters, plus the capture of log information from the robot executions.
Automation CloudUiPath provides a hosted implementation of the Orchestrator software which is effectively a SaaS configuration. “Cloud” versions of the robot licences are required to make use of the Automation Cloud but there is no additional licence required for its use.
Automated TestingUiPath provides complete automated testing functionality that can be used with any application as well as with UiPath software robots. UiPath Prices for the testing functionality follow a similar arrangement to the software robots in that there are development licences and execution licences.
Process MiningUiPath provides Process Mining software that can be used to monitor activity in an environment and identify activity which is a candidate for automation.
UiPath AppsProvides a low-code application development platform to build and share enterprise grade applications.
UiPath Action CenterProvides a user console for task management of “Human in the loop” activities that interface with actions for UnAttended software robot tasks.
UiPath Test Manager

Provides the ability to manage test cases and services to connect to other testing tools.


UiPath provides Chatbot functionality where a user can engage in conversational dialogue using normal text, dialogue assisted options, etc. in order to resolve queries, request actions, etc.

AI Robot

UiPath provides AI (Artificial Intelligence) capability which includes the ability to build and use models, exploit Machine Learning (ML) skills, in order to deliver advanced processing capabilities.

Cloud Elements

UiPath has recently acquired the “Cloud Elements” software to exploit the range of integrations the technology provides. The way UiPath Prices will be amended to reflect this additional software is not yet known.


When considering the purchase of UiPath software robot licences, it is important to view the UiPath Price as a “Potential capacity for work”. For instance, a software robot licence can operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week, that is the maximum capacity of the licence. This does not mean that the robot has to perform the same task for the whole time. In most practical situations, the software robot will be allocated many different tasks to perform during any given week. Clearly the maximum benefit from the software robot will be gain when the whole capacity is used and this is why the UiPath Price for the subscription licence is normally only a small fraction of the benefit value gained from its usage.


For a first project, a typical purchase is:

  • 1 x Cloud Named User Studio licence
  • 1 x Cloud Un-Attended Software Robot licence
  • 2 x Cloud Named User Attended Software Robot licences

This provides the capability to develop an Automation Process, to deploy it for Production operational execution using both schedule and queue based events, plus the capability for two people to execute additional processing to deal with exceptions, etc.


The actual price of a UiPath licence is confidential, just like many other leading software products and cannot be published on web sites.


From the above it is clear that there are many options and factors to consider. The information on the ROI Calculator page provides a general indication but please contact us for a detailed discussion and quote.

Ether Solutions is a technology focused consultancy that provides services for RPA - Robotic Process Automation, this includes using Artificial Intelligence (AI) where appropriate to enhance the capability of solutions in areas such as Document Understanding and Email analysis. The technology solutions provide practical ways to improve Productivity.

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