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Is Tim Woods Responsible For RPA?

Is TIM WOODS responsible for RPA?

TIM WOODS is a well know mnemonic for examining processes for lean sigma analysis in terms of Waste.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provides the ability to automate business processes that are implemented through interactions with computer systems.

Below I have listed RPA against the criteria:


  • Transport – RPA software robots can access data from emails, web sites or existing applications, it does not need to be transferred from its source location
  • Inventory – RPA software robots can validate the appropriate data is available and does not require additional data to be available
  • Motion – RPA software robots can copy the data required to target applications or emails or files as required, transferring only what is required without copying errors


  • Waiting – RPA software robots work at typically 10 times the speed of a person, completing processes quicker so reducing delays
  • Over Production – RPA software robots will perform available tasks, no more and no less
  • Over Processing – RPA software robots only perform instructed tasks and do not get side tracked with additional checks or actions
  • Defects – RPA software robots perform tasks repeatedly with 100% accuracy as they do not make human errors
  • Skills – RPA has a software robot capable of doing the task, freeing up a person to use human skills elsewhere

This suggests RPA can assist in the achievement of lean processes

Ether Solutions is a technology focused consultancy that provides services for RPA - Robotic Process Automation, this includes using Artificial Intelligence (AI) where appropriate to enhance the capability of solutions in areas such as Document Understanding and Email analysis. The technology solutions provide practical ways to improve Productivity.

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