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How Much Repetition In Your Week?

How much repetition in your week?

At the end of the week, as you think about what you have done, how much repetition has there been?

Looking forward to next week, are the things you have done this week going to be repeated?

Sometimes we pretend to ourselves that we and our colleagues, are doing different things, but actually the tasks / activities are the same it is just the data we are processing on the computer system is different.

Processing one order is similar to the next order, one invoice is similar to another invoice, one sales contact is similar to the subsequent contact, one document is like another. The fact there is a “Process” means that there is repetition!

Repetitive processes on computer systems can take up large amounts of the working day. It is essential work, but it does not engage our human skills. It is this repetitive activity that can benefit from Robotic Process Automation (RPA). By using a software robot to process data on computer systems, it frees up staff time.

In the days of paper driven administration, piles of documents and folders would be visible on desks and it was easy to see how much work had to be done. As most work on computers involves data in applications and email messages, the quantity of work can be harder to monitor. The use of software robots in a business process to execute workload has an additional benefit created from the audit trail generated by the activity, as this can provide the monitoring information on the work’s status.

We implement RPA using UiPath software and they have an aspiration of putting a software robot on every computer. This might be a grand objective, but it does allow you to think, “What could a robot automate for me?”.

If a robot could save you an hour day of typing on the computer would that be a benefit?

What would you do with your hour?

Ether Solutions is a technology focused consultancy that provides services for RPA - Robotic Process Automation, this includes using Artificial Intelligence (AI) where appropriate to enhance the capability of solutions in areas such as Document Understanding and Email analysis. The technology solutions provide practical ways to improve Productivity.

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