When to Automate

When to Automate?

For many the “Why Automate” is taken as a given, the main question becomes “When” should automation be implemented.

Although it is possible to automate in many situations, it is only going to be effective and worthwhile to automate “When”:

  • Process being automated is stable
  • There is a foreseeable volume of usage of the process into the future
  • There is a need to improve the quality of the processing by reducing errors and improving consistency
  • There is a desire to improve the speed with which each item is processed
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Pride of Automation

Pride of Automation

At the start of the day there is a pile of work to do. Well actually, for many there is no paper, it is normally a lot of emails in an Inbox, or a list in a spreadsheet, or a set of tasks in a workflow application.

By the end of the day, after lots of activity on the computer, tasks have been completed and you can go home satisfied that the activities have been achieved. The next day will be similar and fairly predictable.


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Keyboard typing risk of RSI

Risk of RSI? - Get a software robot - RPA

Many organisations are aware of RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury. When people encounter RSI, the impact on their lives can be significant.

For most people, RSI occurs in a work context which is why good employers have the topic covered in their HR policies.

The two most common situations where RSI occurs are for workers on manufacturing production lines and for workers who spend their day on computer activity.

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Repetition this week

How much repetition in your week?

At the end of the week, as you think about what you have done, how much repetition has there been?

Looking forward to next week, are the things you have done this week going to be repeated?

Sometimes we pretend to ourselves that we and our colleagues, are doing different things, but actually the tasks / activities are the same it is just the data we are processing on the computer system is different. 

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Why Ether Solutions?

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    We are specialists in productivity improvement through the use of Process Automation (RPA), Documents Management and Workflow. Covering all aspects

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    Ether Solutions is a specialist Consultancy dedicated to process automation for productivity improvement using UiPath for RPA, Oracle Cloud, HelloSign

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    Ether Solutions was founded in 2000. Based in Aylesbury. The company initially operating from Uxbridge, before moving to an office

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