Ether Solutions - Beyond The Virtual Deal Room

Beyond The Virtual Deal Room

A Virtual Deal Room (VDR) or Virtual Data Room is a cloud - based location  where  documents  and  files  can  be  stored  with  maximum

Oracle Document Cloud - Beyond The Virtual Deal Room

Access  is  given  by  users  to  specific  individuals  for permission  to  view  or  edit  documents and  every  action  can  be monitored   so   full   control is   maintained   at   all   times.   The authorisation  level  can  be  set  for  every  party  involved,  which means  that  some  will  have  access  to  certain  documents  that  are
relevant to them, while others will not, security is paramount.

The concept has evolved from a room in a law firm’s office, where documents  about  a  company  that  was  for  sale  were  provided  for
potential acquiring companies to inspect the information as part of due  diligence  before  making  a  bid.  Historically  great  care  was
needed to  make  sure  that  potential purchasers  did not  know  who else was being granted a slot to view documents.

To find out more about our Virtual Deal Rooms please click here to read our related PDF article.


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